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At last a place to work out your accumulator bets without the stress of overworking you brain. Welcome to the accumulator calculator web site, a happy place where winners come to see just how big the returns are from accumulator bets.
You can choose from 4 selections up to 10 using this calculator. 10 selections is a lot but there are plenty of punters who place 15 selections in their accumulator bets each and every weekend, so we try to cater for all.

Don’t do Each Way Accumulators on Football.

Just stop right there, ask yourself these simple question:
  • Why are you not confident enough to think your selection would win?
  • Why are you thinking it might come second or third?
  • Why the hell are you putting something you think will not win on your bet?
  • It’s a bit stupid really, don’t you think?
  • It makes sense sometimes to bet each way but not on an football accumulator, each way doubles are fine with decent odds such as 4/1 and 6/1 but accumulators really aren’t worth it. Accumulators and best used for low odds selections such as football match winning team predictions.
The bet calculator will work out EW bets but it really isn’t ideal for football. Horse racing is a much better option for an each way accumulator.

Where did we get the accumulator calculator?

We asked the nice folks at who let us have a version of their bet calculator to use on this website. They have a huge range of calculators including the fraction calculator we use here. As we are a more specific website focused on 1 bet, they said yes 🙂

About Football Accumulator Bets

One of the most popular bets placed every weekend in the UK is the football accumulator. Relatively small bets can give huge returns for predicting winning teams, and placing them all in an accumulator.
The amount of bonuses and insurance deals available at various online bookmakers is a good indicator let to show how much popularity these bets have.